Exterior House Painting Truro

Is your home’s exterior protected with a quality paint job? Truro painters can help! Exterior paint is the only protection for your house from the harsh outdoor elements. Between the harsh winters and the hot summers, your home’s exterior endures more wear and tear from the harsh outdoor weather elements. The outdoor weather elements can cause your Truro house exterior paint to warp, crack and peel. Exterior house painting Truro can help protect your investment.

We complete all forms of exterior house decorating and painting, and are fully aware of Health and Safety issues. If you have over a conservatory that requires exterior house painting Truro, or high fascia boards this isn’t a problem to us. we don’t even mind if you get us to just paint the upstairs or the bits you can’t reach! you won’t sit in fear as our operatives balance on old wooden ladders, we use alloy towers or scaffolding if it’s deemed necessary.

Offering Competitive Exterior Painting Pricing

We complete burning off and preparation as required for all our exterior house painting Truro jobs then we use correct exterior paint to ensure the job lasts as long as it can.

If there are parts of the woodwork that need repair or replacement, we address these issues rather than simply ‘gloss over’ them, with a fixed price being agreed amicably before we complete the repair for you.

exterior house painting TruroAs a local decorating service, we are able to offer you competitive pricing and a range of decorating services unlike our competitors; such as:

  • Elevated Work (high level painting – we have experience with using a cherry picker)
  • Preparation of Surfaces (sanding, filling and stripping using a chemical)
  • Exterior House Painting Truro (from conservatories to garage doors, windows, fascias and gutter painting)
  • Masonry/Render Painting (using high quality paints – guaranteed to last up-to eight years by the manufacturer or using a self-cleaning masonry paint)
  • Spray Painting (sheds, fences gates and wooden materials – using a wood preserver or colouring of your choice)
  • Polyvinyl (PVC) Restoration (visit our gallery to see the improvements from us restoring PVC).

Maintain highest standards

We manage each job to gain the highest standards & best possible finish for our customers no matter if it’s a Truro house painter job, or a full commercial projects – attention to detail is paramount, our painters like to be proud of their work, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to transform your living space in to the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of. No job is too big or small, so please take a look around our website and don’t hesitate to call for a FREE quote.